Landscape Maintenance: What to Expect this Month

What to Expect 


Where we update you on what you can expect from our services throughout the season.  We will also pass along weather delays, unique environmental conditions as they arise as well as tips regarding one of your most valuable assets, your property.

Activities this month

We have begun weekly maintenance and are working to complete any outstanding work items from your spring clean ups.  We are trying our best to battle a very wet spring.


We have almost completed mulch and compost installations and will begin planting in earnest.  There are some items still to tender to plant or not yet available from nurseries.

New Customers

We are still signing up new customers…for all you that have recommended us this spring we greatly appreciate your trust in our services!!


If you would like to schedule your irrigation start up, please feel free to contact Donna Vignocchi any of the following ways: (email) or (call or text) 847.613.5102.

Seasonal Color

Our summer annual installation will begin, weather pending, the week of May 22nd and continue for two weeks.  Please reach out to your account manager if you have yet to sign up for annuals.  We will be happy to get you a quote.

Turf Disease and Infestation

It seems every year turf diseases such as dollar spot and infestations of chinch bug and grubs get worse.  Extreme changes in climate (like no snow cover this winter) can aggravate such things.  We do our best to minimize risks (sharp blades, mowing height strictly at 3″, irrigation set properly), however these problems persist.  If you wish to be put on a program for preventative measures, please contact your account manager.