Summer Beauty Allium


Lilac:  Considered Graceful  Associated with romance and affection  The Summer Beauty Allium is always a show stopper. Great color, long ...
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Purple:  Royalty and Nobility  Represents wisdom  Can help with Peace and Pride  It also is associated with creativity, which is ...
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David Phlox


White:  Light and Purity  Means goodness and cleanliness  Represents a successful beginning  What’s most important to us is that it ...
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Orange:  Combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow  Associated with joy and sunshine  Represents enthusiasm  As the ...
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Maggie Daily Astilbe


Fuchsia:  Named after the actual fuchsia plant  Inspires confidence  Can invoke female charm, which is why this Astilbe is called ...
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Erosion Control using plants

So you have a steep hill, what to do?  Plantings help prevent erosion  Plantings add color  Plantings add interest  Plantings ...
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Governor Pritzker Signs HB269 – WORKERS’ COMP-ABILITY TO PAY into Law

On July 12, 2019, after six months of persistence and lobbying, Governor Pritzker signed HB269 into law. HB269 introduces a ...
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Artistry runs deep here

My father Harry graduated from Drake University with a major in Psychology and dual minors in philosophy and art. Kind ...
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What’s the deal with Dirt

My guess is that many people don't find dirt very interesting.  But the truth is that people study it intensely.  ...
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Name that plant!

Believe it or not but there are rules and regulations for naming plants.  The International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated ...
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