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This new rose is a ‘Top Gun’

One of the invaluable advantages of our sister company Montale Gardens is they introduce us to new plants.  Particularly plants that replace other plants that have developed issues.

‘Top Gun’ Rose is one of those.  Last year they brought this gem in as an alternative to ‘Knock Out,’ which when it came on the scene, was all the rage.  We couldn’t keep them in stock!  We have found their long term performance waning.  They are very susceptible to black spot disease, which if left untreated can devastate the plant.

This new rose has us impressed.  It delivers enhanced disease resistance.  Not only that, the flowers start our as a deep red and fade to cherry.  The bloom production is outstanding over dark green glossy leaves.

Give this baby a try!

Rosa ‘Top Gun’
SKU 70301

Donna Vignocchi Zych