Donna Vignocchi Zych accepts position on ILCA Board of Directors

It’s true that after spending many years away from volunteer life, I have accepted a position on the Illinois Landscape Contractor’s Association (ILCA) Board of Directors.  I am very honored to have been asked and greatly look forward to the opportunity of not only serving to the best of my ability, but also to meet fellow contractors, discuss best practices as well as our complex evolving economic climate.

This is not my first foray into volunteer work.  I spent ten years working on the membership and GIC committees as well as serving on the Board of PLANET, our national landscape association.  I look forward to experiencing the similarities and differences of a new dynamic.

ILCA is invaluable in helping both consumers as well as its membership.  Consumers can get help finding a qualified professional contractor (be sure to click on ILT Vignocchi’s name) and its members can get news on efforts to help with immigration reform.  For even more information, visit their website at

Donna Vignocchi Zych