Welcome to our New Website

What am I most excited about at the moment? Why our new website of course! For those of you that consider yourselves creative you will understand the labor of love involved in crafting something new, exposing a part of yourself to criticism, and hopefully more than a little praise. We have reinvented our landscape company’s website more than once before, trying to stay fresh and ahead of the curve. But this time was different. This time I feel we had the right team and the correct vision. I thank Aaron Zych, project manager and design department manager at ILT Vignocchi, as well as Carla Baldwin, our website’s designer. What a pleasure.

We hope existing customers and those new to our firm will enjoy useful tips and information in my blog as well as our monthly newsletter, What to Expect, which outlines what to expect in your landscape throughout the growing season. If you have not signed up for our emails, just click on the link to do so!

You can also peruse ideas in our gallery, both residential and commercial landscapes. Our sites include some of the most beautiful and noteworthy on the North Shore and throughout Chicagoland.

Last but not least…use the handy links to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Houz and Pintrest!!

I sincerely hope you enjoy our new site…we’d love to hear your feedback…just post it on our facebook page!