Our landscape architects tirelessly look at each situation as being distinct, requiring lasting solutions to site issues and a creative aesthetic that fits the surrounding environment without competing with it.

  • Residential Design
  • Commercial Site Design
  • Multiple-Family Residential
  • Public and Municipal Site Design
  • Park and Recreation Planning
  • Land Planning and Development
  • Golf Course


Dream . Design . Develop . De-Stress

Our process starts where your wish begins, as your dream. Make no mistake, our Landscape Architects are unbelievable dreamers. When we gather your wishes, and combine that with our talent, that’s when the magic happens and the dream starts to become a reality.

Once you contact us your journey begins. One of our LA’s will set up an initial site visit. You are in good hands, a licensed LA’s professionalism is dictated by a strict code of ethics and our discipline is taught to consider not just hardscaping and plants, but grading, drainage and other micro details that the untrained eye can easily overlook.

After you relay the details, budget and feeling of what you are trying to achieve, we will begin to shape it into a clear vision for your review. It begins as a partnership where we pair your needs with our artistry and engineering that will bring your dream to fruition.


As the famous graphic designer Milton Glaser once said, “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!!! Can you guess which one we strive for? For us “yes” means we weren’t listening closely enough. At this stage we do the heavy lifting, review the expectations, identify any pitfalls, make certain your city or village is on board, and let go of the norm. This is where we test the dream.

After our initial meeting together, we gather needed information: Plats of surveys, architectural drawings, engineering plans, etc. Then we move to an on-site survey where we compile vital information that allows more familiarity with your site.

The design process will result in a single comprehensive plan. As needed 3D models or sketches are produced to allow you to experience the space before a shovel even hits the ground. As our partner, we need you to help us tweak as we go, making certain to achieve our “wow!”
Once the design is complete, budgets and proposals are finalized and permits are obtained by ILT Vignocchi and the fun continues.

“The process of converting land to a new purpose by construction” is how development is defined. Seems all too appropriate for what will happen, but there are other reasons we use this word instead of the all too often overused “construct” or “build.” This is because development also means “a recent event that is the latest in a series of related events.” This means you will continue get more of the same: A partner, a helping hand, answers to your questions, professionalism, and quality. We handle everything for you, from permits to material samples from hand-picked perennials to stone identification and procurement.
Our construction and landscaping staff have developed everything from small perennial gardens to award winning Golf Courses. We have yet to find a task we are incapable of. Our crews also know the expectations that serve as our core values. Teamwork, Pride, Cleanliness, Quality, Honesty and Safety.

Rendered perspective by ILT Vignocchi

Once the dream is a reality you begin to relax, but we want you to relax knowing that we don’t disappear like some contractors. We stay in touch, we answer your calls and any questions you might have.

We also provide full service maintenance and irrigation. We have account managers that can assist you with mulch, compost, annual flowers, you name it! ILT Vignocchi can take care of your investment and help it grow.

We know the best part of the project is when we finally leave and you can enjoy your new environment with family and friends, adding your personal touches…furnishings, garden ornaments, and your first outdoor party.

That moment is our end game, and you are in good hands…because everyone at ILT Vignocchi follows our owner’s motto, “take the high road, there’s less traffic.”

Why is this so important? For two reason. First, it helps keep us focused on the economics of our design work. We are artists, dreamers and all around creative junkies. If we do not have a corral to keep us in-line we might overshoot the possibility of what can be built. Second, just like what needs to happen with any home improvement project the dream of what is wanted and the economics need to balance. We like to view each one of our projects as a partnership and if your wishes exceed the budget conveyed then we need to let you know quickly that either the elements wanted need to change or the budget does. In other words, the budget will help insure that the partnership starts out strong, puts us all on the same page and then continues through the duration of the project.

Design Fees
Just like architects, doctors, lawyers, and engineers the profession of Landscape Architecture is a professional degree with state certifications and continuing education needed to call ourselves Landscape Architects. With nearly seventy-five years of collective design experience our design staff can spend weeks, months and in some cases years on design work for a project. The design fee helps to protect our time and your investment that you are getting an extremely high level of professionalism and design work from us. We do not draw our designs “on the back of a napkin.” Many hours of time and thought are put into each one of our designs so you get the best possible design for you home. However, this extremely high level of design work and the time it takes to make it the best does comes with a cost. A design letter will be provided to you either at your first meeting with one of our landscape architects or will be e-mailed to you after the landscape architect you met with has had time to evaluate the amount of time they think the design work for your home will take.

Material Selection
Hardscape Material: From natural Stone to clay pavers, treated wood to smooth finish, modern to classic, limestone to granite coping, the common to the obscure, there are so many choices for a project that fit every look and budget. It is our job to help narrow down those choices and help you make the best decision for you project. We obtain samples and bring those right to your door for you approval. Have a brick that matches your house brick in texture, but not color. No worries, we have a company that can make a perfect match for you. The devil is in the detail and this is where we have the most fun.


Full range bluestone

SundialPlant Material: Need shrubs and perennials for you job. All we do is walk out of our design building and into our twenty-five acre wholesale nursery, Montale, where we hand pick perennials and shrubs for your project. Let’s talk Inspiration. What could be better for a designer than looking out the window and seeing a perfect combination of plants blooming in the fields at Montale that we know will look great at your house. We sit and design around inspiration daily. We are not surround by asphalt and concrete, but by fresh air and endless amount of rows of plants that we use for your project.