Health and Well Being

During this period of time when we are all questioning what is important, what is crucial, I am in a very reflective mood.

As those of you that have interacted with our company know, we can be philosophical when it comes to our business…everything we do needs to be beautiful, our people are our heart, and we take the high road because there is less traffic.

With that being said, I am personally given such great joy at seeing what is blooming before my eyes.  How about a neighbor, who with his 2nd grader, has created a giant chalk rainbow on their driveway to greet those who are out for their daily walks.

Those daily walks, I have seen so many people I have never met, friendly, kind and considerate of personal spaces.  People who live in the same area that are socializing in a new way.

I have great confidence that we will all come through this together stronger.

Be safe all, see you April 8th.

Donna Vignocchi Zych

Mr. Vignocchi’s famous pond with his little friend