Thank you to Vendor’s

We have amazing Vendors…from those that supply mulch and soil to stone and truck parts.  Our representatives spend time on our relationship, and with social media distancing people daily, that is key.  More often than not it is they who bring us new timely information about procedures, innovations and products that make us better. They are truly part of the backbone of our organization.

I’d like to take some time to talk about some of those people that make our lives easier, give them a shout out during these confusing and trying times.

I’ll start with Gail from Fiore Nursery.  Have you ever worked with someone who rarely if ever made a mistake, was highly efficient, and kind?  Well she is.

Then I will move on to Red’s Garden Center.  I know the women that have been running their father’s business and they are making him proud.  Loyalty, quality, and people that care about other people.  Go there, buy something, they’ve earned it.

What would we do without the quality material from The Mulch Center.  Erika and Denise never let us down and these women are BUSY!  They are on the phone all day taking orders.  They handle it with patience and humor.

Although we have an amazing nursery as part of our family of companies, we have to get annuals somewhere.  We get the majority from RCOP.  They have been in business for decades, not only providing the quality we expect to deliver, but the collaboration of helping with design decisions.  They love their flowers and we love them for it.

Anyone thinks getting sod is an easy task, it isn’t.  Diana and Central Sod makes our live easier on a daily basis.  She responds early morning when we are doing something last minute and she always delivers.  What I love about Diana is her respect for our workers.

Can you imagine that one of our favorite partners is a rental company?  We can’t own all of the equipment we need but we can call Katherine (Rental Max), at 6am in the morning if we need something to make our workflow be more efficient.  And she’s a peach on top of it!

There are so many more…we are so grateful over our 51 year history to have so many people watching our backs, in some cases doing the heavy lifting.

We owe so much to you.