Professionalism is key

As a recent addition to the Illinois Landscape Contractor’s Association Board of Directors, I found the most frequent conversation amongst my peers was professionalism, or really the lack there of, by a large number of companies classified as landscape contractors.

This is a group of people who have risen to the top of their profession by providing sound, reliable products and services, following the rules, both municipal and moral, as well as making certain their staff is pursuing certifications and continuing education.

It is discouraging to be reminded that unprofessionalism is not just something that our company runs into.  It is something that plagues most of the trades.  Our association, as are others, are constantly trying to develop ideas to raise the professionalism of the landscape industry as a whole.

25% of our business comes from fixing other contractor’s mistakes.  

What I tell consumers…our advice is to rely on word of mouth, check ILCA’s website and see if your contractor is a member, ask about professional certifications, check to make certain they have insurance, and my favorite…go with your gut.  If someone comes across as not trustworthy, regardless of their price, they probably aren’t.

At ILT Vignocchi, we live by my father’s motto…”take the high road, there’s less traffic.”