Horticulture Magazine celebrates 100 years

I am a lover of magazines.  Not online publications, the real deal.  When that shiny cover graces my mailbox at home or my desk at work the possibilities what is inside is endless.  Going through a magazine with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) is a leisurely activity that I think few people take time for these days.

A new publication to me, but a standard in our industry and avid home gardeners, is Horticulture Magazine.  The magazine is celebrating 100 years in publication.  A milestone.  In this month’s publication they highlight the covers over the years, and it is a delight.

What began as almost a classified format, has evolved into a booklet of stunning nature photography bursting with colors.  My favorite is an advertisement featuring roses “New Roses for 1920.  We shall offer for 1920 the three new roses:–Pilgram, Crusader and Mrs. John Cook.  We want you to know them.  May we send you full descriptions? Your request will bring it.”

It is a lovely magazine whose information packs a wallop.  Check out their website and subscribe today and be delighted by information ranging from late season vegetable gardening, how to choose a house plant, and advances in science that are staggering.

Congrats Horticulture Magazine.  Keep it up!